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Design for Healthcare

Our goal is to design places that promote healing and increase comfort for patients, families, and staff.  Our approach is fundamentally humanist and patient centered. We understand the needs of healthcare disciplines; we also listen to the end users to provide meaningful and useful environments. The firm’s healthcare work includes projects for community health centers, integrated health centers, medical offices,  behavioural and mental health, dialysis centers, and outpatient surgery centers —many of whom are repeat clients.

Therapeutic Group Homes

Kanner House, Youth Group Home
Debusky House, Youth Group Home

1003 W. Lafayette Avenue, Oxford House
Residential Rehabilitation, Baltimore Recovery in Community
Light of Truth, Baltimore
Weisman Kaplan House
Tuerk House Masterplan
Tuerk House Renovation



Skilled Nursing

Alice Manor Nursing Home

Anchorage Nursing/ Rehabilitation, Salisbury

Clinton Nursing and Rehabilitation, Clinton

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center, Davidsonville, MD

Essa Flory Hospice, Lancaster, PA

FutureCare, Physical Therapy, Baltimore

Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation

Holly Hill Skilled Nursing, Towson

Rabold Center for Alzheimer’s, Bethlehem, PA

Randolph Hill Nursing Home, Randolph Hills

Solomon’s Nursing Center, Solomon’s

Westminster Village, Allentown, PA

Willowtree Manor, Charlestown, WV



TIKVA House, The Jewish Caring Network Baltimore

Health Centers
Anne Arundel County Health, Glen Burnie
Anne Arundel Dermatology, Pasadena
BMS Waiting Area, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore
BMS Pharmacy, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore
Baltimore Station,  Study, Baltimore
Belair-Edison Community Health, Baltimore

Chase-Brexton, Anne Arundel County

Chase-Brexton, Columbia

Center for Healthy Living at Hebrew Orphans Asylum
Chesapeake Research Group, Pasadena
Chesapeake Foot and Health Center, Pasadena, Baltimore

Dermatology Offices, Wicomico County  
Dialysis Corporation of America, Baltimore

Echo House Multi-Service Recovery, Baltimore
FutureCare Physical Therapy Center, Baltimore
Grassroots Crisis Center Study, Howard County

Highlandtown Healthy Living Center, Baltimore
I Can’t We Can, Office and Intake, Baltimore

Integrated Health Care, Baltimore

Orthopedic Specialty, Glen Burnie

Physiotherapy Associates, Pasadena

Total Health Care, Inc. Kirk Avenue, Pharmacy,  Baltimore

Total Health Care, Inc., Odenton

Total Health Care Inc, Tuerk House, Baltimore

Total Health Care Inc, Division Street, Baltimore

Medical Offices

Dr. Atkinson, Pasadena, MD.
Dr. Belt, Baltimore, MD.
Dr. Bhasin, Pasadena, MD.
Dr. Dhanda, Pasadena, MD.

Dr. Lebedeff, Podiatry Medical Suite, Parkville, MD.

Dr. Ricardo Rodgriguez, GBMC, Baltimore, MD.
Dr. Shuman, Pasadena, MD.
Dr. Stein, Owings Mills, MD.

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