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 Sustainable Design            

We promote stewardship of our environment, from preserving the nation’s resources for future generations to creating buildings that use materials and resources wisely. Stewardship also means preserving our historic properties and adapting and reusing existing structures where feasible. With our clients, we develop a program and criteria for their buildings and systems appropriate to their functional, aesthetic and financial goals. With our clients we review the various programs for verification, such as LEED, NAHB, BCGBS, to determine the most appropriate programs. our designers devise integrated solutions, creating value for our clients with sustainable products and practices. We work closely with our clients throughout the design process, evaluating building performance, schedule, and material life-cycle costs. Ultimately, we create functional, healthy and comfortable places with flexibility and reliability today and in the future.


RM Sovich Architecture implements a range of environmentally conscious design practices, from the use of environmentally friendly products to verification through LEED® Certification or the NAHB National green Building program. in addition to the obvious environmental benefits such as resource conservation and improved indoor air quality, significant economic and community benefits result from green design.


Highlandtown Healthy Living Center, Baltimore, MD

The first LEED® Platinum Federally Qualified Community

Health Center in the United States and the first LEED®

Platinum building in the City of Baltimore.



3700 Fleet Street Medical Office Building, Baltimore, MD


BCGBS (Baltimore City Green Building Standards):

Southeast CDC and Neighborhood Reinvestment Center,

Baltimore, MD

3 STARS (LEED® Gold Equivalent)


Monarch Academy Public Charter School, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


Echo House Multi-Service Center, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


101 Ellwood Apartments, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


The Gunther Apartments, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


St. Francis Neighborhood Center, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


Community Resource Center, Baltimore, MD

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


Integrated Health Care, Baltimore

2 STARS (LEED® Silver Equivalent)


20X10_Segue House®, Baltimore, MD

Affordable Accessory Dwellings, Wellfleet, MA

North Bethel Green Housing, Baltimore, MD


Aumazo School, Bakondji, Cameroon

Collège Socka Bongue, Cameroon

Western Maryland Visitor Center,  Gathersburg, MD

ZOMA® House, Affordable Housing in Bafang, Cameroon

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