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A Place for Families

Tikva House_edited_edited.jpg

Tikva House

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client:  The Jewish Caring Network

Services:  Architecture, and Interior Design

Cost: withheld



Patients come from around the world to Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital for cutting edge treatments, surgeries, and medical counsel. Designed for the Jewish Caring Network, The Tikva House is a comfortable, 4,200 square foot, home-base for Jewish families caring for a loved one receiving treatment at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Tikva House will provide a place for families to stay in walking distance of the hospital.

The design for the house incorporates two row houses. Its three living levels plus finished basement accommodates: seven bedrooms with private bath & kitchenette; fully stocked kosher pantry; kosher meals; communal kitchen & dining room; laundry rooms; a library; and a playroom for the children.

The proposed materials are brick, wood windows, spandrel panels and a wood cornice. The basement opens to the rear of the building and opens to an area for a Sukkah and parking.

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