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North Exeter Treatment Center

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Tuerk House: North Exeter Treatment Center

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client:  The Tuerk House

Services:  Architectural and Engineering 

Cost: $24,000,000



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"Crisis Stabilization Centers are effective at providing suicide prevention services, addressing behavioral health treatment, diverting individuals from entering a higher level of care and addressing the distress experienced by individuals in a behavioral health crisis. Studies also show that the cost of Crisis Stabilization Centers is significantly less than psychiatric inpatient units and satisfaction among clients is greater."

Saxon, V. (2018). Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Centers: A new normal. JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH AND CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2(3), 23–26.


RM Sovich Architecture designed this 52,000 square foot adaptive reuse conversion of an early 20th century garment factory into a crisis stabilization and inpatient treatment center for pregnant women and adolescents. The facility will support the care of 22 adolescents and 22 pregnant women meeting Maryland COMAR 3.7WM requirements. The project includes a full commercial kitchen with serving areas in each household featuring healthy alternatives, accessible bathrooms, reception and administration areas, and a fitness center.  


The project is designed to meet the Baltimore City Green Building Code.

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