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2022   Draw | Model | Prompt: Tectonic Speculations, Sovich, R.M., Hapticity Press, 2022

2022   T3XTURE Archizine,"Repose and Energy" Architectural Journal. Issue No. 5

2019   T3XTURE Archizine,"The Edge of Edge," Architectural Journal. Issue No.4, A collaboration with AIA Baltimore.

2016   T3XTURE Archizine, "Pattern is Maddening," Architectural Journal. Issue No.3

2015   T3XTURE Archizine, "Ornament is Splendid!" Architectural Journal. Issue No.2

2015   “Locus of Meaning and Memory, Notes on the Nature of Doors in Settings for Care,” in Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology,

2014   T3XTURE Archizine, Architectural Journal. Issue No.1, 2014

2010   20X10 SEGUE House™, Sovich, R.M., Lulu Press,

2010   houses_towers_cities: architectural drawings, Sovich, R, M., Hapticity Press, 2010.

2009    Baltimore 2010: A View of Baltimore from 1984. IgniteBaltimore #4, October

2009    GOING GREEN!, Presentation to the DCHCA Annual Conference. June 2009

2009    Creating Home: An Assisted Living Design Manual.  Sovich, Jenkens, and Baldwin, Lulu Press, 
2002    Ten Criteria for Healing Environments in Education, NAPSEC Conference.

1999    The Design of Inpatient Hospice Environments: Theory and Case Study, in

             FUTURECARE: New Directions for Planning Health and Care Facilities. Valins, M. and Salter, D. eds. London: Blackwell, 1995.

1996    Locus of Meaning and Memory, Notes on the nature of doors in settings for care settings. RM Sovich, AIA, LEED® AP

1993   A Place for Hospice Care, RM Sovich, AIA, LEED® AP 

           Cited in Verderber, S., & Refuerzo, B. J. (2006). Innovations in hospice architecture. London: Taylor & Francis.

           Cited in Marcus, C. C., & Sachs, N. A. (n.d.). Therapeutic landscapes: An evidence-based approach to designing

healing gardens and restorative outdoor spaces.


Baltimore Architects Stand on Principle,

Baltimore Medical System Opens Nation's First LEED Platinum Certified, Federally Qualified Health Center

Employees Breathing Easier in Green Buildings

Highlandtown Healthy Living Center Promotes a Healthier Environment,

Healthy By Design, Urbanite Magazine, November 2010

32,000 SF Health Center Complete in Highlandtown

Foundations of Health, edc Magazine

Green Building: The Remedy For Sustained Employee Wellness

Governor O’Malley Celebrates Earth DayAnnounces New Citizen Tree-Planting Record, Smart Green & Growing Awards

AIA MD Honors RM Sovich Architecture for Two Projects, CityBiz, 2010

Baltimore Medical Systems New Headquarters Receives LEED-Platinum Certification

Plan for former Highlandtown library moves ahead. Baltimore Sun, 28 June 2010

A new use for Highlandtown library. Maryland Daily Record, Baltimore, 30 January 2010.

Online, An Empty Lot Can Be A Waterfall: Web Site Solicits Images Of Imagined Cityscapes, The Baltimore, Sun, 16 May 2009.

Design for Senior Environments, Architectural Showcase, Plush Mills Senior Residences, Wallingford, PA. March 2007

Community center gives hope to neighborhood, The Baltimore Sun, 11 September 2007

Design for Senior Environments Architectural Showcase, Highlands Crossing, Bella Vista, AR.  March 2006, p.78

Educational Showcase, The Children’s Guild, Transformation Station, American School & University, September 2001

Redesign incorporates learning. The Baltimore Sun, 7 December 2000

New schoolhouse is built to teach. The Baltimore Sun, 14 January 1998.

Best work this year thinks small, The most successful buildings seem to be the little gems rather than the huge efforts. The Baltimore Sun, 21 September 1997

Inside Stories. Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore, MD, vol. 88, no. 4, April 1995, p. 92.

New Urban Housing: Fresh Thinking from the Pittsburgh Design Competition. Community Design Center of Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1994.

The 40th Annual PA Awards. Progressive Architecture, Stamford, CT, January 1993, p. 68-69.

Baltimore firm wins Pittsburgh Housing Competition, ARCHITECTURE, BPI Communications, New York NY.  June 1992, p. 27.

Prize Winning Homes to be Built on Vacant Lot in Garfield, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 27 June 1992.

Baltimore firm wins for design, Affordable housing gets a fresh look. The Baltimore Sun, 30 August 1992

Visionary and Unbuilt Landscapes. Landscape Architecture, Washington, DC. vol. 82, no. 12, p. 53-55.

Architecture in Perspective: A five year Retrospective of Award Winning Illustration. New York, NY, Van Nostrand, 1992. p. 21.

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