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A School Transformed

Collège Socka Bongue

Location: Cameroon, Africa

Client:  The Manengouba Foundation

Services:  Architecture, Masterplanning

CHALLENGE:         The College Socka Bongue, a school located in rural N’Kongsamba province, Cameroon, was in need of revitalization, primarily to make the program more accommodating to girls and young women. The school runs a basketball camp with STEM courses. The facilities were inadequate for education in the 21st century. Mold, no indoor plumbing, no handicapped access, structural deficiencies, no food preparation or dining support areas, poor drainage no distribution of electricity, no dormitory spaces, lack of access to drinking water, inadequate athletic facilities.   

OUTCOME:        The school facilities include five separate buildings, a small residence hall, an outdated library, and an inadequate sport complex (tennis, handball, basketball, volleyball). Several of the facilities must be removed due to structural deficiencies. The program for renovations integrates computer technology, sports, and sustainable technologies. The renovations and a new dormitory permit CSB and the Manengouba Foundation to expand their basketball camp and develop relationships with American schools.


Sustainable strategies include: 


Rainwater Harvesting-Potable Uses, 

Rainwater Harvesting-Groundwater Recharge, 

Improving Natural Ventilation, 

PV Solar Energy Generation, and

Solar Hot Water.

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