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How Might We Heal a Community?

FutureBaltimore Community Resource Center

Location:   Baltimore, MD

Client:        Unity Properties, Bon Secours, Kaiser Permanente

                   Episcopal Housing Corporation

Services:   Architecture, Interior Design

In 2017, Kaiser Permanente joined forces with Bon Secours to create a flagship partnership in West Baltimore. The partnership intends to address deep social and economic needs to transform an entire zip code in West Baltimore, specifically 21223. Over 7,000 lives stand to be impacted by this partnership.


A key component is the renovation of an abandoned library that will become an iconic community resource center that will house educational, economic, social, and health services, all under one roof, just like our medical centers.

Destiny-Simone Rahmjohn, Ph.D. Director,

Stakeholder Relations at Kaiser Permanente


The community resource center will provide programs for community members of all ages. The program includes a media room, training rooms, large conference space, classrooms, a business incubator, a financial training center, a nurse office, certified nursing assistant training and geriatric nurse training, a demonstration kitchen to teach healthy cooking practices, a rooftop community garden, a gym, and art room.

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