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Callow House Additions

St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Location:  Baltimore, MD

Client:  St. Francis Neighborhood Center and

            Episcopal Housing Corporation

Services:  Architecture, Interior Design

Two Phases:  $7,300,000




St. Francis Neighborhood Center is the oldest neighborhood center providing enrichment in all of Baltimore City. Their mission is committed to ending generational poverty through education, inspiring self-esteem, self-improvement, and strengthening connections to the community.


Housed in the Callow House, designed for Enoch Pratt Callow, by architect Charles Emmet Cassell in 1895. The completed home was occupied by the Callow family from 1896 through 1906. The house was then owned by the Abraham Eisenberg  family who lived there until 1927. The Eisebbergs rented the house to Joseph A. Bank, a Baltimore clothier, who lived there until 1943.


The project restores the architecture of the house and as part of the expansion, an addition will be constructed at the rear of the house. When finished, the house will be used primarily for administrative offices and small programs and the addition will house classrooms, studios and program areas. 

st francis neighborhood center
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