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Pattern Language

Montessori Academy of Lancaster County

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Client:  Montessori Academy of Lancaster County

Services:  Architecture, Feasibility

Cost: $1,600,000



The Montessori Academy retained RM Sovich Architecture to provide a feasibility study to construct a new school building within a new planned residential community. The first floor of the 12,000, square foot program includes a toddler classroom, Primary and Pre-primary 3-6 year classroom, Kindergarten, 6-9 year classrooms, and a small fitness room. Offices and support were provided on the second floor. RM Sovich Architecture worked with the Montessori building committee to establish the desired patterns for the new school, based on the book, The Pattern Language.


The siting concept is of a house that surrounds a piece of the lot that contains the educational garden-- an open air classroom. The Children's Houses are arranged to enfront the garden. with direct access from the houses so the children may be, as Maria Montessori described, the "masters of the garden".

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