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A Place for Kidz and Faith


Location:   Lutherville, MD

Client:        Trinity Assembly of God

Services:   Architecture

Cost:         $1,500,000



KidzTown is a preschool program for kids ages 3 through Kindergarten. Preschoolers enjoy crafts, story time, singing songs and slide down the giant indoor two story slide in a magical environment. This project is the first of three planned additions to the Youth Program at Trinity Assembly of God Church in Lutherville, Maryland. Future additions are to include a  bookstore/cafe and gymnasium.


For the addition an existing roof truss system was removed and a second floor was added. The ground floor was transformed into the preschool, an open plan with various stations for the preschool activities. The new second floor contains classrooms and meeting rooms for the teens. Some say the addition resembles a fish, with scales and fins. The fish profile is visible to everyone arriving at the campus and creates a fanciful facade on the playground courtyard. Parents and children enter the preschool through the hobbit’s door; the children are checked into the program at the caterpillar desk with golf club feet and enter Kidztown at the slide. The preschool includes a children’s stage with sound system, stage lighting, a playhouse, fish tank, art area, and a Noah’s ark stair that leads to the two story slide. Custom elements, such as, kid sized ‘portable’ picnic tables with bicycle wheels for ease of transport and portable ‘cube’ book cases that fold up and wheel away to clear the area, were designed by RM Sovich Architecture and constructed by members of the congregation.

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