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Campus Connection

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Location: College Park, MD

Client:  Ribera Development

Services:  Architecture





This project, prepared for Ribera Development, proposed relocating the Maryland Hillel Student Life Building to a new building on the south edge of the campus on Knox Road adjacent to dormitories and constructing University offices on two levels above. The concept, prepared by RM Sovich Architecture, creates a gateway to the campus from Knox Road and establishes an inviting outdoor/indoor space for gathering students as they commute between the historic campus and commercial areas of College Park.


The roof top is planned to be a permanent Sukkah and an elevator connects the Sukkah to a commercial kitchen on the ground floor.


The two floors and occupiable roof of the Student Life Center sit above a 17,000 square foot parking garage, providing parking for the Hillel staff and visitors. Two additional floors were planned for University of Maryland offices.


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