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White Rabbet

Competition:   Architect's Play House




“White Rabbet” is inspired by a song and the method of joinery used for the grid structure. The song, which refers to Alice in Wonderland, also establishes the theme and characters: Rabbet (rabbit), Caterpillar, Chessboard, Red Queen, White Knight, and Dormouse. The Red Queen and White Knight are painted marine grade plywood. The Red Queen is designed to be lowered and fixed to permit access to NorthPark. Both have door panels that operate to allow a child to play and climb in them. Access to the Red Queen is by rope through a door in the bottom. The checkerboard panels are painted marine grade plywood. Door pulls are repurposed chess pieces. The two figures may be removed to create a play composition in the landscape or used as dollhouses. The redwood grid alone becomes a climbing structure and, long after childhood, converts nicely to an armature for wisteria or pumpkin vines.

The structure is designed to create opportunities for a child to feel larger, smaller, and imagine anything at all……no pills necessary.

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