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Accessory Dwelling Units

Baltimore Architects ADU

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Add-on 13 Competition

Location:   Wellfleet, Massachussetts.

Client:        Cape Cod Modern House Trust

Services:    Competition



cosmos tile 007_edited.jpg

This little house has a 12 foot by 24 foot footprint [the space taken by a one car garage]; these are dimensions that are comfortable on many residential lots. Economies are created by managed constraints, such as: footprint, interior partitions, doors, and materials. The house is designed on a four foot module to be either stick framed or constructed with modular SIPS panels. There are only three doors in the house, including the shower door. Dwellers have flexibility of arrangement by using furniture rather than fixed closet locations. Floor to floor heights are eight feet in the kitchen and bath, twelve feet in the living and bedroom areas. The effect is open and loft-like. Building components include: concrete foundation, crawl space, insulated walls, insulated roof, wood roof deck tiles, insulated low-E windows, and energy-star appliances. The exterior is wrapped with blueskin® building wrap and clad with ornamental porcelain panels.


Heating: Evacuated-tube solar thermal panels on the roof combined with a 100 gallon storage tank, radiant tubing in all floors, and a high efficiency boiler provide for heating and domestic hot water needs. 


Cooling: The vertical living space combined with the climate of Wellfleet support natural cooling during the summer months. Breezes captured via low windows are drawn through the house and exhaust heat and humidity through high windows. A ductless split system provides supplemental air conditioning for muggy summer days. 


Adaptability: The house may also be constructed in duplex arrangements; built with a full basement; or elevated on piers for minimal grading. Segments may be added to the base dwelling to expand for additional bedrooms, home office space, or living area. For a larger dwelling the module may increased to 16 by 24.

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