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Retirement Community Community on a Shoestring 

National Custom and Self Build Association

Location:  Swindon, UK

Client:       Competition


shoestring plan

The Build a Retirement Community on a Shoestring Competition, created by the National Custom & Self Build Association is a unique ideas competition, run in collaboration with Grand Designs Live (GDL), seeking a 40M2 flat for seniors that could be constructed, as the competition states, "for a measly amount."


RM Sovich Architecture proposed a flexible dwelling unit that allows for interior and exterior additions and customization. The dwellings, grouped in clusters of four, minimize exterior partitions, interior partitions, and doors in a volume filled with light and air and cross-ventilation. The site planning encourages the interaction of residents to mitigate loneliness and its side effects: depression and deterioration of memory and health. A central common building houses a cafe and common laundry.


Each entrance to the community has a gate that is identified by a plant, or pet to assist in wayfinding.

senior community_edited.jpg


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