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22 August 2014


Nkongsamba is a community of 230,000 people located in the Littoral province of Cameroon, approximately 80 miles from Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. While Nkongsamba previously served as an economic, financial, and agricultural hub in the country, the area has deteriorated significantly since the late 1980s, as these industries have been moved due to reduction of government resources. The Manengouba Foundation sees accessibility to ICT as key in modernizing the educational curriculum at CSB, by in creating technology and health awareness, computer literacy and utilizing the internet as a new source of information through free online courses offered by many US academic institutions. The Manengouba Foundation has chosen Keepod as its partner in deploying technology in the CSB school.


Project Description:


In conjunction with the Manengouba Foundation in Nkongsamba Cameroon, we will provide Keepod devices to 600 students, 13 staff members and 35 teachers in the CSB school  in order to empower Manengouba Foundation projects in the areas of Education and health. The project aims to invest in the wellbeing of the youth in Cameroon by increasing technology awareness and computer literacy, by implementing academic programs using modern computer technology and becoming a model for the educational system in Cameroon. Pending the success of the initial project, MF and Keepod will proceed to establishing a community technology hub at CSB and serving the larger Nkongsamba community with Keepod devices.


RM Sovich Architecture is providing design services for a major renovation to the 800 student school. RM Sovich Architecture, Baltimore Architects, creating places that enhance lives.

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