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February 2014

Southeast CDC Receives Excellence in Sustainable Design Award

BALTIMORE, MD--The Southeast CDC and Neighborhood Reinvestment Center recieved one of 14 Awards given by The U.S. Green Building Council Maryland Chapter (USGBC Maryland), as part of its 9th Annual Wintergreen Awards for Excellence in Green Building, this week.


“It’s amazing to see the diversity of people in support of and actively working towards a healthy and sustainable built environment,” commented USGBC Maryland’s Executive Director, Mary Pulcinella. “Wintergreen is a unique opportunity to bring all of these people together to recognize why Maryland is an exemplary state for green building practices.”


Wintergreen celebrates, promotes and recognizes excellence in high performance, healthy design and building; environmental stewardship and community impact; and serves to highlight the green building initiatives and achievements of the USGBC Maryland region projects, businesses, chapter members and other vested individuals. The awards ceremony, held at The Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies at Morgan State University (a 2012 Wintergreen Award winner), also served as the official launch for USGBC Maryland’s 10 BIG IDEAS campaign.


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