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December 2013

Congratulations to Jojo Duah, Winner of the 2013 AIABaltimore Architecture Research and Travel Scholarship

BALTIMORE, MD, December 2013 - Morgan State University and the Baltimore AIA named Jojo Duah the 2013 recipient of the Architecture and Research Travel Scholarship. The committee found Mr. Duah’s proposal to study the education, practice and material technology of Ghanian architecture ...”to be one of the most ambitious and compelling submissions to date. The potential impact of [Mr. Duah’s] research on [his] future practice, the practice of architecture in the developing world and the expression of cultural identity in West Africa is both real and significant.”


Jojo has been a valued employee at RM Sovich Architecture since 2012. A Well Deserved Congratulations, Jojo, from everyone at RM Sovich Architecture!


​RM Sovich Architecture: Baltimore Architects creating places that enhance people's lives since 1994.


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