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New Urban Housing

New Urban Housing, Pittsburgh

Location:       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Services:        Architecture

Client:            Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

Budget:         $480,000

Type:              Urban Design, Housing


Progressive Architecture Award

Urban Design Award, AIA Baltimore

Jury Award, AIA Baltimore

Winning Scheme, Community Design Center, Pittsburgh





This project for eight new 15 ft by 36 ft houses was awarded first prize in an international competition with 350 entries. The design was chosen for its simplicity and elegance.


The project received a Progressive Architecture Award. The PA jury said, the project had "... a luxurious use of space for this kind of housing, an approach that should be encouraged."  Juror Julie Ezenberg said, "I like the way it makes gardens positive spaces which frame the houses. They do more than just sit as objects."  Juror Alan Colquhoun liked the units for their "textural, almost atmospheric quality."  The jury also included Thomas Beeby, Alan Ward, and John Kaliski.


The project was the focus of the publication, New Urban Housing: Fresh Thinking from the Pittsburgh Design Competition, by the Community Design Center of Pittsburgh.

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